Why hospitality is importan in business – part one

Why hospitality is importan in business – part one

It is known that hospitality is the key to success in the restaurant industry.
Therefore, we put our focus on building real relationships with our guests and continue making our guests feel taken care of.
Hospitality requires an unimaginable amount of work.
That includes bringing interpersonal skills to a new level.
Communication needs to be constantly improved if we want everything to function well.
If you want closer insight, we are going to give you a tour of what it looks like in real life.


Our mission
Our main mission is to make our guests feel comfortable.
Management team usually indulges in creating the atmosphere.
Everybody that come in, have a feeling like they are being included in some special-occasion event.
This effect is being achieved through a fine-dining setting.
Approach to hospitality depends on three things.
They are – setting the firm base, filtering great amounts of information and implementing only the most useful ones to our management.
These wireframes of our work are being practiced and improved constantly.
We intend to be as personal to each guest, as possible.
Each situation with our guests represents a huge lesson for us.
Therefore we intend to be as personal to them, as possible.
We aim to be as exclusive to everyone as possible.
Everybody craves to be taken care of.
And it doesn’t take too much of your effort at all.
People will always wholeheartedly trust you.
It is your task to remain that trust firm and strong.
They won’t question anything, especially if they see good reviews of your restaurant online.
However, if you happen to break their trust once, they’ll become mistrustful of everything.

Focus on greeting people
How we greet people at our restaurant is especially crucial for establishing a connection with them.
It all starts at the entrance.
We make direct eye contact with people, and ask how they are.
You would be amazed by the reactions that people have when someone randomly asks how they are doing.
It’s the most jaw-dropping experience.
They would usually feel some kind of discomfort and maybe the stress of this process when they enter a new place.
Therefore, by asking the random kind question, you immediately relax them and bring their comfortable feeling back.
We are not sure that this situation happens anywhere else.
Waiters would usually rush to you and ask what do you want to eat or drink.
When it comes to our perception, we want to allow you to have time for yourself and then decide what you want or don’t want.
If you are still hesitant with your decision making, we will immediately offer you our help.
We usually genuinely welcome our guests and focus on the casual elegance of our service here.
It looks like we are creating a relaxed environment.
At the same time, it is a very professional step.
After meal serving, the first 10-15 minutes are extremely important. During that period, our staff tries to find out both functional and emotions knowledge.
Therefore, they are able to customize the dining experience to that guest specifically.
Facial expression and body language that occur during taking the first bites are the most crucial part of the meal.
It gives us a lot of joy, even though it is actually very difficult to do.

Continually trying to find an affirmative answer
We always seek to get an affirmative answer and be on the guest’s side.
We might get positive recommendations if our guests have a nice experience at our restaurant.
It is widely known that we are open to hearing our guests’ suggestions here, at Chez Nik.
The story is all about being empathetic to the guests’ desires and circumstances.
We are frequently being asked – What is your secret ingredient?
Our “secret” to great hospitality is the way we treat people like they want to be treated. 

The experience that we had, taught us to always be nice and kind to all people, whether they are guests or staff.




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