The art behind Fine dining

The art behind Fine dining

While chefs in high-priced restaurants experiment with fusion food and exotic ingredients from around the globe, Chez Nik can be relied upon for the kind of combination between modern and traditional cuisine that is directly linked to kind of classic concept that needs no explanation and is always pleasing.

From our perspective, the reclaiming of recipes and the gastronomic ingenuity had to be motivated, at least in part, by the desire to see the newly established concept of fine dining in an area where the implementation of requirement for a change, especially in this fourth industrial revolution age.

An unprejudiced application of gastronomic philology was a prerequisite to transforming the game of claiming and reclaiming into the infinitely more rewarding intellectual pursuit of testing the validity of paradigms connecting individuals in adjustment or partially overlapping societies.

This experience of fine dining and the incipient habit of eating out adopted by many ladies, gentlemen and business people in forehand, and the curiosity elicited by the multi-regional menu of the Chez Nik menu helped bring cohesiveness in our culture.

Furthermore, in this quest of gastronomic roots heading to futuristic society, you should be aware that you are not alone on this journey. That is why our restaurant empowers tangible signs of gastronomic culture such as the method for preparing banquets, setting tables and decorating interior in the way that it creates a suitable atmosphere for all guests.

You might be a great lover of certain food, bu when you get in touch with the national cousine, you notice how your ideal image is differently prepared in your country even though its origins are from certain nation.

Quite revealing is the distinction between heart and head, while trying out different specialities, judging from other works of art that stands behind the cooking process. Behind every meal, there is a story where ideas were conceived, proposals examined and debated. The final result is a true artistic piece that melts in your mouth while giving sensations of joy after hard intellectual labor, especially after long working hours.

After all, our society faces technology and innovation on a daily basis that has been replacing some old concepts, therefore, working long hours leaves a little space for mindful eating and preparing the food. Chez Nik offers that experience that you might be missing out and gives you a little escape from reality into our artistic forms of fine eating.



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