Where to eat – differences between generations

Where to eat – differences between generations


How it used to be
At the time the first restaurants were opened, everything was much simpler. That day, there would be a line of people waiting in front of the shop, who did not know what was on the menu, and whether they would want to try something new. Perhaps they haven’t even seen this meal, nor did they know that something similar exists. They would ask a friend for advice, what was the experience like, and whether they enjoyed the first bites of this miraculous meal.

Social networks
In the meantime, since the establishment of our restaurant till now, many things have changed. Social networks have significantly affected the concept of certain social activities…Sipping a particular drink does not start before taking a picture of it, and this also applies to the ordered dish, dessert or an interesting detail that can be found in the object itself. This will surely attract the attention of a millenial, a person who is between 18 and 34 years old.

where to eat

Where to eat today?
Older generations pay attention to quality, while younger ones have a specific type of food – depending on whether the restaurant serves vegan or vegetarian food, or if it matches their diet, type of physical activity.
In addition, more attention is paid to the origin of food that can be found in the ordered meal. Chez Nik, a short name that means a lot in one place. Our great coffee and great breakfast can become a mark for the successful start of the day. The choice of meals and treats does not leave anyone without special feeling, regardless of age.
With well-chosen foods, ingredients and the imagination of our chefs, every plate turns into a little masterpiece. And this careful choice and dedicated attention to every detail can be a crucial moment in making a decision – where to eat today.

where to eat

On a plate like on Instagram
In the era of modern technology, certain marketing strategies, which include promotions, event organization, reviews of ambient, food and the whole experience that can be found on the Internet, but also the recommendations of friends, can’t tell the younger generations to adjust their senses with some new tastes and suggestions Trying to try new dishes and drinks. Social networks in their expansion have brought quality content, but also instigated the restaurant to a more diverse choice when creating a menu, just as it is in our case, so that, partly, guests of our restaurant can know in advance what kind of food they will be eating their senses before themselves arrival.

where to eat

The culmination of the whole experience after the game of color, smell and taste is the first bite of the certain meal. We are ready to present the game with spices and ingredients in an interesting way to all the guests of the restaurant alike and to return the next time with a smile on the face, feeling like at home.


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