Fine Dining Requires Fine Coffee

Fine Dining Requires Fine Coffee

Great coffee demands great hospitality
Coffee holds a special place whether we drink it at home or in the cafe. Growing up in modern world, we learned from our parents, and then our friends, that coffee is a part of good hospitality. It became a habit. In the morning, we always had a cup of coffee before we had breakfast. Not everyone’s taste in coffee stays the same. It is evolving over the years. But our growing appreciation only reinforces our belief that great coffee is crucial for great hospitality.

History of coffee
Coffee beans were first discovered in Ethiopia. But have you ever wondered how the bean made it to every corner of the globe? We need to understand its root in order to understand experience while drinking coffee at the fine dining restaurant. The path goes from a slow discovery in Africa, to west into Europe where it was discovered and coveted by the newer civilizations as well as east into Asia where it was planted and harvested.

Experience fine dining
For years, diners were introduced to wine lists and unique cocktail creations to fulfill their dining experience. But now, diners are experiencing how coffee can be implemented in recipes and in course pairings to enhance the occasion. Therefore, in today’s fine dining, no detail can be left uninspected. When we look closely at coffee, the way of serving, yet tiny and powerful in the cup. While the twists and turns of what makes each shot work are many, they’re not exactly the stuff of murky, crema-topped mystery. It can easily become our go-to coffee for a number of reasons.

High quality taste
First and foremost is taste. In Chez Nik restaurant, we define coffee strong and bold with no sugar and no dairy. A well-made espresso is full and rounded, with a complex and balanced flavor. After taste, comes consistency. Our brain remembers the structure of the first sip and when we experience the same feeling exactly what we tasted the first time we tried it, then the strong connection will be formed.
The art of serving
Espresso is one of a kind among all other types of coffee. Due to Italian technology, the real balance in taste and scent can be experienced while drinking it. Cream, aroma, texture and taste are the four main features that are crucial for differentiating types of coffee. Therefore, it is real Italian piece of art.

Affordable luxury
New generation is valuing coffee as an affordable luxury. Its strong focus and commitment to creating the very best coffee experiences has been the start of a quiet revolution amongst the world’s most celebrated chefs, the best dining establishments and the finest restaurants. When we need to solve a problem, the solution usually begins with, “Let’s have an espresso and talk.” We take a step back, enjoy a coffee and a moment of reflection and that is how we improve ourselves.
When it comes to our guests, coffee is our last chance to make a taste impression before the check arrives. It becomes the exclamation point on the meal. To be in the hospitality world, you need to have a generous soul. We strive for energetic generosity in everything we do. Few things express that like fine coffee.


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