If kitchen could speak, what would she say?

If kitchen could speak, what would she say?

Kitchen mastery
If the kitchen could speak, what would she say? What kind of secrets would have culinary masters transferred into one certain meal? There remains an enigma, but we can peek at least at least into this world of high society and fine dining concepts of the restaurant.

The concept of creation
About history, biology, psychology, art, personas and patterns in life can be discussed to the world end and back. However, what we are most interested in are emotions. Like every human being, feelings are base of our trust, making decisions, and on what basis we give confidence to a certain restaurant. Perhaps some chef before making it in the apartment favorite Lapsang smoked black tea, put on a vinyl with old school jazz music and folded in an armchair, and designed a new recipe for the perfect finger food experience.

Ideal experience
Have you ever wondered what is happening behind those white doors? Does a dynamic atmosphere result in a perfectly conceived meal in which bites you are going to melt? As you sit and calmly discuss, on the other side, you cry out to find the perfect size and proportions of the ingredients to give you an ideal experience.

Culture and religion
Culture and religion lead to the creation of regulations and new rules. These sophisticated meals that were preserved remained hidden in the traces and memories of people from that time, while today’s chefs are struggling to find out what could have been combined in order to get such a unique taste.
The reason that stays behind the hidden receipts is the following one. Christianity killed Antique Greece and Rome by abolishing the worship of the gods, or 12 archetypes towards Jung. Every God had its own characteristics, flaws and virtues. Even during some festivals, people were allowed to prepare food, drinks, organize various events and gatherings in order to explore the human spirit and omit new elements of their own culture. These archetypes are crushed by limited Christianity and that is why cultures of the epoch from the curiosity of people, known as the Renaissance, were created.

New age
People take what they like and enjoy in everyday life from different perceptions and adapt these systems of belief to their needs. Western culture feels is present in meals that have changed menus in big restaurants, but also the concept of dining has gone through some new standards and ethical rules of behavior in public, during lunch and special gatherings.

How to make a creative choice?
However, life curiosity, nature and the human body will always remain an eternal inspiration for the study and creation of new recipes and food design. Also, with regard to archetypes in conjunction with history, you may find yourself in doubt, what exactly is your choice in a restaurant? Is it a habit or perhaps a rebellion to the current state of society by disrupting standards and trying out pure exotics? It’s up to you to judge.


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