Iz kog razloga je ugostiteljski pristup bitan u poslovanju? – drugi deo

Iz kog razloga je ugostiteljski pristup bitan u poslovanju? – drugi deo

Think. Feel. Experience

Watching from the psychological side, emotions and feelings are different terms. Emotion is energy in motion that actually causes a feeling. We do something, and then people occur to experience that energy in motion. In the end, they end up having a nice feeling or sensation, a feeling of trust and comfort. The experience at the fine-dining restaurant has a tone of serious nature. Everyone involved in it differently. There is where the charm lies.
Maybe someone has been planning this dining experience for the past couple of months in order to surprise their loving one. And this may have a huge impact on their only visit to our restaurant ever. We should perceive every moment of their unique experience because it is so precious. The story is not just about giving somebody a special gastronomic trip. It is about giving somebody something that’s tremendous and it’s addressed to them.
To provide someone something experience in their style of dining, that’s good. But to afford and initiate the perfect experience for someone and still look natural and casual – that’s terrific. Arranging the exact extraordinary experience to someone will help them feel an enormous amount of letting go of pressure that they had. It could be so liberating sensation and they will mark it as the greatest fine-dining experience that they had at that certain moment.

Seize as much information as possible

We will tell you to know what details we are looking for. We try to find out their reason for a special occasion. It occurs by asking them what their plans are for the rest of the night, for example. All of these questions and answers play into the way we are going to approach their way of dining. From here, we may send over special menu items or drinks to make their fine dining experience more exciting.
After acknowledging these pieces of information, we may send over special menu items or drinks that are going to make their experience more thrilling. If there is a celebration drawn in, we will acquire that and try to improve their occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary or something else.
By the time, it becomes obvious what our guests want. If there is a group of female friends, they came here to chat and have a nice time. They want to be treated nicely, get a couple of drinks and never see you again during their night. It is because they want to have privacy and talk about their lives and situations, without being interrupted. On the other hand, if it is a business dinner, besides privacy, they want to get right down to business, without any further delay. They usually want to see what they can eat or drink and then start talking about their mission right away.

Shoot to thrill

We are thrilled to ensure that all our guests have that impression at least once, here, at Chez Nik.
It’s like a game. You see how people react dish by dish, drink by drink and that is how pattern analysis transforms into a very emotional situation. We are aware of the fact that our guests usually have some predefined preferences or dietary restrictions. Therefore, we look at it as an advantage and serve them exclusively what they really want.
Everyone needs a bit of excitement in their lives. Nobody likes the same old routine of going to work, taking care of the family and then repeating it again every day. Some people seek the excitement a bit more than others. We are aware that they will seek these thrills wherever they are going, so we take advantage of that and fulfill their needs.
However, it is easier with frequent guests. They will appreciate your recommendation of wine you know they are going to love. You can literally experiment with sorts, lists of wine-producing regions or even cocktail lists. They will be pleased to get something that others weren’t offered.
We are also aware that communicating with guests strongly gives as an opportunity to avoid getting negative reviews. We also look forward to encountering anything about their experience and comments. If they didn’t like the meal, they can tell us because it represents the only way to improve that current situation.

Personalized hospitality in a wild, wild world

Remembering preferences, taking notes and giving our guests a special treatment, definitely pays off. Chez Nik restaurant records that from personalized hospitality, dining frequencies are being increased.
Also, our statistics show that a deeper connection between guests and our restaurant’s brand is also crucial for the complete dining experience. Social media engagement is definitely defined as a benefit because people like to be seen and to see how other guests react to the Chez Nik interior and dining experience.
In the end, we learned that personalized hospitality is obviously a key part upon our strategy for creating extraordinary dining experiences and building relationships with our guests.


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